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Something About You is an artwork that celebrates the idea that everyone's greatest superpower is being themselves. It features one face with eyes that seem to tell their own story, revealing the special traits that make each person unique. Just like when you find something new and interesting about someone close to you, this artwork lets you see those unique qualities. Reflecting this personal discovery, the artwork is available in two color options, allowing viewers to connect with the piece in a way that resonates with their own experiences and preferences.

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A limited art edition is part of a unique series of artworks. These art editions are fixed in quantity, meaning there will only be a certain number produced.

We ship internationally.

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All or Limited Art Editions come including a boxy frame in the materiaal and color or your choice.

what makes our limited art editions special


Each piece gets a special touch with our handmade, boxy frames, perfectly tailored to each artwork. Choose your perfect frame for a flawless finish.


We use premium matt paper. This matt-coated paper is able to absorb extremely large amounts of ink giving vibrant, vivid colourand a very high quality appearance.

Individually signed

The artworks are numbered, signed and include a certificate of authenticity.


Pablo Lücker is a renowned contemporary artist who has gained fame for his distinctive style that pushes the boundaries of conventional art. He is the 7th generation of a family of artists, and he began refining his skills from a young age.

Throughout the years, he has collaborated with renowned brands like The formula 1, Remy Martin, and Uber.


the story of


pushing boundaries

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